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Reine Energie Reinertrag

Family house with 11 kW heat pump system

The project was made in Pomáz, close to Budapest. It was a new family house, and our work was to design and to form a heat pump system with BHEs which had 11 kW performance. We laid down  40 mm KPE pipesin the BHEs and  the base temperature was 14°C at 100 m depth.


Description of project:

Heating demand: 11 kW
• Cooling demand: 6 kW
• JUNKERS Tm 110-1 heat pump with 10,9 kW and 9 kW nominal performance
• The heat pump supplies the domestic hot water
• 2pc BHEs with 100 m depth, filling up with antifreeze ethylene glycol refrigerant
• 7 m distance between BHEs
• Surface heating

Angewandte Technologie: 
Wärmepumpe-System mit Erdwärmekollektoren
11 kW
6 kW