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Reine Energie Reinertrag

Family house with 14 kW air-source heat pump system

The given building was built with 24-kW wood gasification boiler in Budapest one and half year ago.


The Client has asked for HGD Ltd. to solve the heating and hot water production from renewable energy in the transitional period. The existing system is a 24-kW wood gasification boiler with solar system and electric cartridge for hot water assist. The solution is a 14-kW air source heat pump that provides heating during the transitional period and the hot water preparation all year. Unfortunately the cooling system is not built on the secondary side, so that the cooling function of the heat pump is not used. The heat pump is the Mitsubishi Zubadan PUHZ-HRP125YHA2 three-phase air source heat pump with inverter, which can provide 100% of the 14 kW power by -15 ° C outside temperature

Angewandte Technologie: 
14 kW