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Reine Energie Reinertrag

Family house with 22 kW air-source heat pump system

The General Contractor has entrusted our company with to design and build an air-source heat pump system of a new-built family house.


The calculated heat loss is 22 kW, because of the ever-changing needs and safety 2 pieces 11-kW Mitsubishi Electric Zubadan air heat pumps were chosen. The two heat pumps supply heating, cooling and domestic hot water preparation in the building. The Mitsubishi Zubadan PUHZ-HRP100YHA2 heat pump is an air heat pump with three-phase inverter, which can provide 11-kW power in 100% next to -15 ° C outside temperature.
The primary heat pump system consists of outdoor unit, indoor unit and controller. The indoor unit is a stainless steel R410a/water SWEP-type plate heat exchanger. The appropriate heat transfer is ensured by R410a refrigerant gas on the primary side.
The IF031B PAC-E heat pump control unit provides the refrigerant circuit regulation. The building automation system controls and monitors the start of the heat pumps.
According to the Customer request, there is an auxiliary heating system: a gas boiler is installed.

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22 kW