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Clear energy Pure benefit

Non-certified passive dwelling-house pilot project: heat pump and solar collector

Partner: Környezettudatos Építő Ltd.

Description of project:

Partner: Környezettudatos Építo Ltd.

  • 11 flats
  • ~1000 m2 heated-cooled area
  • 11kW heating demand
  • 11kW domestic hot water
  • 22kW (2x11kW) heat pump
  • 30m2 solar collector for central DHW supply (~60% of the annual demand)

Building energy makings:

  • Thermal insulation
  • 3-layer glazing
  • Recuperative mechanicalventilation per flats (17°C pre-heated fresh air)
  • Screening: on the balcony, motorized rolling shutter


  • Solar photovoltaic system is installed in one flat.
  • Installation of solar island will be established based on common experience in 2012 to cover the consumption.


  • Contractor involvement in operation

Full monitoring (remote controll) installation

Applied technology: 
Combined and waste heat utilizing systems
Budapest XIV., Hungary
Heating power: 
11 kW
Year created: