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Reine Energie Reinertrag

Aivarex Ltd.: heat pump system of manufacturing halls

The heat pump system of Aivarex Ltd. was realized in Bökényföldi Str., Budapest XVI. District. The company currently deals with metal processing.


This project was implemented in two phases.
At first step a 600 m
2 manufacturing hall (with office) was built in 2006. The owner had the foresight, that an enlargement will be done (with a new hall of 600 m2), so that the model and design of BHE system were requested to the complete manufacturer halls (1200m2).

On this basis, 2x12 pieces of U-shaped borehole heat exchangers were drilled with 100 m depth on the primary ground-side. The special grouting contained bentonite in the borehole. Heating and cooling of the first production plant and domestic hot water demand are supplied with IVT Greenline D70 heat pump which has 70 kW performances. The heat pump has a weather-dependent regulator. The two BHE fields were used alternately until the completion of the other hall.
Three years later the second manufacturing plant was built. Based on the previous experience, an IVT Greenline D55 heat pump has been installed with 55 kW performances.

2 x 1000 liter buffer tank was heated up by heat pumps. The domestic hot water is stored in 300-liter and 500-liter bivalent tank. There is industry floor heating in the halls and floor-, wall-, ceiling heating and cooling was carried out in the office on the secondary side.

Angewandte Technologie: 
Wärmepumpe-System mit Erdwärmekollektoren