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HHPA - Hungarian Heat Pump Association

HEC - Hungarian Engineering Chamber

HASE - Hungarian Association of Sanitary Engineering

HTEA- Hungarian Thermal Energy Association

EHPA - European Heat Pump Association

HSA - Hungarian Solar Association

ESTIF - Europian Solar Thermal Industry Federation

HARES - Hungarian Association of Renewable Energy Sources

HAWWP - Hungarian Association of Water Well Pushers

HEA - Hungarian Energy Association

HAM - Hungarian Association of Managers

HAEE - Hungarian National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers


HHPA – Hungarian Heat Pump Association


The existence of this association is necessary since the focus has been oriented on the heat pump technologies for utilizing renewable energies such as terrestrial heat, water, thermal water and thermal energy of the air, all over the world, and, especially in the European Union.

Member of the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) and the European Heat Pump Association since July 27 2007.
The heat pump industry is continuously improving internationally and even the Hungarian distributors have recognized its effects. The major and important real estate investors who i.e. considered the application of renewable thermal energy with heat pumps as prerequisite for tenders at the construction works of the i.e. governmental district, large office buildings, bathes, housing estates, etc. are the same opinion.

Priority objectives of the HHPA:
- Increased utilization of the advantageous geothermal specialties differing from the international average by applying heat pump technology.
- Authentic data service for decision makers.
- Training and certification of all players of the heat pump special field.

The above mentioned priorities mean simply some fields of the planned activities.
We classified our works into 4 groups that are managed by nationally acknowledged and appreciated professionals.

To summarize our objectives: we wish to fall into line with the international level of heat pump energy utilization since the excellent domestic specialties, the required human professionalism and technology are all given.

When all these are regulated, it will result in the increase of the renewable energy share in the domestic energy balance according to governmental goals.





HEC - Hungarian Engineering Chamber

The new Presidium formulated a program based on four pillars. Primary objectives are as follows (four pillars of Presidium):


Improvement of the work of our professional branches, brains trusts.

In addition to organizing important programs and professional manifestations we primarily should strive for establishing the still painfully missing “professional workshops” for our young engineers following the well-established international practice, as well as for the revivification of the forgotten „development engineer activities”, the innovative engineering mentality and development of identifying possibilities. (With regard to the latter, when typing my report, I remember a story that fits here: A reporter asked Churchill, how it could happen that a newly settled engineer earned much more than the British Prime Minister himself. The answer is instructive: „Sir, if I left, it would be easy to find anybody to take up my position, but the foreign engineer cannot be replaced in England.” That engineer was György Jendrassik (1898-1954), the inventor of the diesel engine named after him, and who had nearly eighty inventions submitted and accepted in Hungary. The Hungarian mechanical engineer settled in London in 1947 and worked out his last invention of great importance, the pressure-compensating device.)




HASE - Hungarian Association of Sanitary Engineering

The task of HASE is to make the membership valuable and useful for its members and to perform profitable and useful activities for the sanitary engineering profession.



HTEA- Hungarian Thermal Energy Association


The Hungarian Thermal Energy Association was founded by future-oriented towns, partnerships and professionals engaged in rational utilization of thermal water and thermal energy. Among its members we can find both researchers, companies dealing with thermal projects and local governments interested in these projects.

In addition to representing its members’ interests, the aim of the Hungarian Thermal Energy Association is to assist the works of legislation, authorities and new potential users with information based on actual designing and operating experiences of the actually realized and profitably operating projects in order to widen possibilities of the rational utilization of geothermics as one of the ecologically most beneficial energy sources.



EHPA - European Heat Pump Association

The European Heat Pump Association (short: EHPA) represents the majority of the European heat pump industry. Its members comprise of heat pump and component manufacturers, research institutes, universities, testing labs and energy agencies. Its key goal is to promote awareness and proper deployment of heat pump technology in the European market place for residential, commercial and industrial applications. EHPA aims to provide technical and economic input to European, national and local authorities in legislative, regulatory and energy efficiency matters. All activities are aimed at overcoming market barriers and dissemination of information in order to speed up market development of heat pumps for heating, cooling and hot water production.

The association's most important body is its General Assembly, where all members meet at least once a year. At this meeting, major decisions are taken. Daily work is government by a board of four managers who in turn are supported by the Executive Committee and the Secretary General.

The association was founded in February 2000 in Brussels as a not-for-profit organisation.

Having its seat in the UK for the first some years, the associations general assembly decided in 2006 to move the seat to Brussels to be closer to the center of European policy making. This move was completed by the end of 2007.



HSA - Hungarian Solar Association
Founders of the Hungarian Solar Association, companies and private persons, feel committed to make solar energy utilization in Hungary the most widely known and general.
The Hungarian Solar Association is the member of the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF).


ESTIF - The European Solar Thermal Industry Federation

The European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF) represents over 100 members consisting of manufacturers, service providers and national associations, which together cover 95% of today's solar thermal market.

To fulfill its mission, ESTIF pursues the following strategic objectives:

* to be a recognised partner of the EU institutions for the purpose of policy advice and implementation of support programs for renewables in heating and cooling

* to promote solar thermal heating and cooling in Europe to achieve the target of 1m2 of collector area for every European in 2020.

* to support its members when dealing with EU institutions, programs and policies concerning solar thermal issues

* to promote the abolition of any trade barriers hampering the development of an open and large solar thermal market in Europe

* to enhance EU initiatives aimed at the integration of solar thermal in the built environment

* to develop and support instruments which increase consumer confidence, product quality and the impact of market stimulation tools

* to actively contribute to the realisation of solar thermal's potential, focusing in the first instance on Europe. Growth in Europe will be the best precondition for success in other parts of the world