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Solar energy

The solar energy as a renewable energy source is available everywhere in our country and it can be exploited.

The Sun is available also for you! Take advantage of the nature provided opportunities!

Designing and implementation of solar collector in any sizes.



The solar radiation that reaches the Earth surface exceeds several thousand times the energy needs of mankind. If you have to turn on your gas appliance or electric boiler in summer in order to prepare domestic hot water, just think of the fact, that: 

  - The power of solar radiation reaches the value of 1,000 W/m2,

  - Nearly 100 liters of 50°C water can be produced with each square meter of solar radiation per day.


The utilization of the inexhaustible solar energy ensures optimal opportunity for you all year since it spares on wallet and means no load on environment. Take advantage of our expertise and the current available tender opportunities for planning and implementing the systems!


 Utilization of solar energy is possible in several (active or passive) ways:

    • Passive solar energy utilization: solar energy is collected by the special design of the building
   • Active solar energy utilization with solar collectors (back up heating; domestic hot water preparation)
   • Active solar energy utilization with solar cells (electricity production)