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Energy certification of buildings

Nowadays, the energy certification of buildings is increasingly popular, but most of people do not know what exactly does this certification mean and why could it be useful for us.

According to Government Decree No. 176/2008. (VI.30.) (as of January 1, 2009) an Energy Performance Certificate (address label, green card) is necessary for:

  • Occupancy permits of property,
  • Long-term leasing out - more than one year period,
  • In case of building of official purpose with bigger useful area than 1,000 m2, state-owned buildings for public use.
  • For the purchase of existing building, unit of independent purpose and flat the possession of Energy Performance Certification is voluntary until December 31, 2011 and is obligatory from the 1st of January, 2012.
  • In case of panel and flat renovation tenders the existence of the Energy Performance Certification as well as the improvement of the energy classification indicated in the energy certification is also a precondition.

Steps of certification:

  1. Building diagnostics: acquisition of plans and drawings and identification of structures
  2. Identification of systems of sanitation 
  3. Building energy calculations
  4. Preparation of certification, proposals for action

Practical benefits and advantages of certification

  • Predictable energy costs,
  • Identifying way of energetic modernization opportunity 
  • Practicability of pre-sales modernization (does it result in the increase of flat prices?) 
  • A higher energetic classification will increase the potential of sales.
  • A correct expertise made by an expert increases customers’ confidence 
  • Decision support

Note, that the certificate can be prepared for a complete building or either just a flat.

Contact us and we prepare the energy performance certificate of your flat, house, office, etc and at the same time we make a proposal for upgrading possibilities!