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When performing our expertise activities we lay special emphasis on preliminary data collection and data processing, respectively thorough arrangements for the elaboration of both the individual expertise and summary, decision preparatory studies forming the part of a larger project.

Main expertise activities:

  • licensing
  • expertise
  • elaboration of decision preparatory and impact studies
  • geological, hydrogeological, geothermal designing, dimensioning
  • hydraulic and transport modeling
  • testing appliance modeling and evaluation
  • testing appliance designing, dimensioning

Our skilled and trained professionals with several years of experience perform their tasks in the field of elaborating geological, hydrogeological, pollutant and heat transport modeling of high quality and professional content, designing and modeling of soil sampler, collector and surface water systems as independent branches and as assisting the work of the engineering sector.

For implementation of the facilities in sphere of competence of district water authorities (i.e. water wells, bore-holes for water, etc.) is the final water rights implementation permit necessary, while for the operation the water rights operating permit issued also by the Authorities is obligatory. Both procedures are made on basis of a licensing design documentation, which summarizes the planned and realized states, the geological and hydrogeological conditions of the planning area, catchment possibilities and the expected effects of the planned water draw-off.

Decisions preparatory as well as water catchment studies are involved in the planning and designing process as the firs and the most important elements. These studies cover:

  • customer demands in detail
  • geological and geodesic location of the planning area
  • geological and hydrogeological conditions
  • investigation and disposal of water reserve state (considering the load of the water-bearing layers, the regulations of Authorities and other limitations)
  • catchment proposals (by investigating several different variants, if possible).

The hydraulic and transport modeling is performed for several purposes depending on the task and the customers’ demands. According to the generally accepted licensing process the preparation of hydraulic, occasionally heat or pollutant transport models is indispensable for implementation of larger water catchments and a larger number of water wells. During such model testing we prepare the three-dimensional model of proper cut-off and construction of the planning area by using the data of preliminary data collection and prepare model simulations of different production versions and well allocations.