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Geology, hydrogeological expertise

Activities: licensing; expertise; elaboration of decision preparatory and impact studies; geological, hydrogeological and geothermal designing, planning and dimensioning

Our skilled and trained professionals with several years of experience perform their tasks in the field of elaborating geological, hydrogeological, pollutant and heat transport modeling of high quality and professional content, designing and modeling of soil sampler, collector and surface water systems as independent branches and as assisting the work of the engineering sector.

Geological, hydrogeological expertise, designing, licensing

The guarantee of elaborating high-level geological and hydrogeological expertise is the existing and available software database of our company.

We use the Visual MODFLOW Premium software for designing and planning, environmental pre- and impact assessment of water management systems that is the well-tried tested standard application of three-dimensional flow and contaminant transport model. Fully integrated modeling environment, complete set of tools, unifying MODFLOW-2000 (world standard for groundwater flow simulations), a MODPATH (standard package for forward and reverse particle tracking), a Zone Budget (for sub-regional water budget calculations), MT3DMS (3D, for multi-species contaminant transport simulations), RT3D (3D, for reactive transport simulations), and SEAWAT (3D, variable-density, transient groundwater flow) and the newest versions of other programs.