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General information

In what cases an emergency performance certification should be issued?

According to the Government Decree No. 176/2008, the energetic properties of the building should be certified, under the force of decree, in case of:

  • new building construction 
  • building of official purpose with bigger useful area than 1,000 m2, state-owned buildings for public use
  • property transfer of an existing building (independent unit, flat) for value received from January 1, 2012, or a leasing exceeding one year

Regulation of Government Decree No. 176/2008 shall not apply for:

  • buildings of less than 50 m² useful area
  • buildings utilized less than 4 months a year 
  • buildings used 2 years at most 
  • religious buildings
  • buildings declared as protected by provisions 
  • historic buildings
  • local, agricultural; in case of internal heat gain of 20 W/m³ from technology
  • in case of more than twenty times ventilation in the heating season 
  • workshops
  • tent structures

The certificate can be issued for the entire building if the heating, ventilation and domestic hot water supply of the independent units (flats) is of the same system or creates one system in the building. The certificate can be issued for the entire building even if certificates are available for all of the units (flats) with different purposes in the building.

Validity and renewal of the certificate
The certificate is valid for 10 years. If the statutory requirements are changed during the validity of the certificate, the energetic classification of the building has to be performed again.

Concept of primary energy
The legislation deals with "integrated" energy balance which contains loss and self-consumption of engineering systems to all primary energy sources. In other words, considering the different energy sources of different values (i.e. 1 kWh electrical energy is produced from 2.5 KWh thermal energy in electric power stations), there are renewable and non-renewable sources.

What documents are required for new buildings certification based on simplified calculation?
In case of new property the certification procedure is simplified based on energetic chapter of the construction planning documentation. If the building is completed according to the plan, and technical manager confirms it, the energetic classification can be easily determined. However, if the building plan has changed in some essential features, the confirming calculations must be performed again.