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Ceiling heating

Only the heating and cooling performance is different between the heating and cooling fields on ceiling and wall. In case of heating-cooling refrigerant of same parameter the capacity of the wall heating is higher. The wall heating capacity is lower than that of ceiling heating and cooling.
There is no difference between the wall and ceiling heating concerning the applied pipe size, pipe distribution, pipe fixing and development of registers and circuits. The advantage of the latter is that there is no constraint to be considered when furnishing as it mentioned in section wall heating.


The ceiling heating is, naturally, a working solution since the heat transfer is more radiant here than that at the convective heat transfer. In case of missing surface at heating a part ceiling close to windows of large surface can also be used leaving a stripe of about 20 to 30 cm out for fixing the cornice. In this case, at the same time, the good heat feeling can be maintained by appropriate dimensioning the surface temperature of the room and ceiling.